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i think he has it mentally but his issue is that he's never really failed and he can't handle losing.
he's that dude who you see that is so uber talented that it's scary the way the game comes easy to them.
the problem with those guys are always when they have to deal with failure for the first time. the ones that take the medicine and move on to become better are the ones that become all time greats. the ones that can't believe just showing up isn't good enough are the ones that fall into the Vince Young,Jamarcus Russell & Jeff George category.

i think Cam will be a beast but he has got to get over the failure.
all this sulking and poor me stuff has to end.
his team is **** and he has to deal with it. should he accept it? hell no, but he must find a way to get it done.
I think you're missing that Newton is an egomaniac and a narcissist (much like Cutler). Those types never learn from their mistakes because everything is always someone else's fault. I think that's becoming rather obvious at this point.
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