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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I honestly don't give a **** if Miller wins a DPOY award or gets on the all-pro team - I want him to bring him a few Lombardi trophies to Denver, that is all I care about. Miller is the type of defensive stud who can take over a game, he is the guy you have to gameplan around.

If this team can get into a habbit of building leads with Manning putting early points on the board and then letting the pass rush and secondary take over the game and preserve the win - this team can win a super bowl. We have a strong pass rush and a good secondary despite our problems at safety.
i wouldn't say that if i were you.
since 1974 13 defensive players of the year have gone to the super bowl. 11 of them helped their team win the championship. including 3 of 4 since 2000.
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