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Default This article is about me

I am in utter shock. i was really bored and cranky because of a caffiene binge at work... i was working off 3 hours of sleep... and i kept. on. reading. about lisfranc injuries. it was pissing me off, because you rarely heard about lisfranc injuries 2-3 years ago, but they occurred all the time. nowadays, despite a weird amount of lisfranc injuries to marquee players, EVERYONE and their mom is talking about them, even when they aren't relevant.

here's a google trends map to prove how ridiculous it's gotten lately.

In my opinion, you've been hearing about this type of injury much because journalists scramble to name drop it... it's all the rage. he reaches for his foot in pain? must be a lisfranc, because that's trending right now.

this tweet by schefter is the perfect example. injury was never a lisfranc, he just had to throw the word in there. since when did the lisfranc become the new acl, as if "every fan in the stadium was in fear that it might have been a lisfranc"...

i was pissy and e-mailed deadspin. this article is the result.

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