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So full of chit..............what part of that crazy part of the world over there do you think is so simplistic. There was no cover up.

Info given out exactly as gave to the white house.

Sad thnig is your party trying to make a political gain over people dying. Thats the real story.
No coverup? Then you can answer these

1) Why did Washington not send more security to Benghazi when the staff requested it? Why did Obama not respond to this question when asked it in debate #2?

2) Why is Obama denying that it took a couple weeks for Washington to declare it a terrorist attack and not impromptu demonstration when all evidence (including threads here) says otherwise? We were watching people on the grounds of the US Embassy in Cairo waving hundreds of Al Qaeda flags while Washington was pointing fingers at a con man in California.

3) Why hasn't Washington responded to these attacks?

4) Why are Obama and his followers responding to these legitimate questions with false moral posturing about "politics" as if the American people don't have a right to know?
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