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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
IF DEN was 5-1 they would be making much the same comments about him also.. OOPS I meant if our defense was even close to HOU's..
According to Football Outsiders (Yeah I know, stat geeks), Denver's defense is rather close to Houstons.

They are ranked 3rd overall and ours is ranked 6th. Their methodology accounts for the offenses faced. Denver has faced the #1, #9, #10, #19 and #25 rated offenses so far (their rankings) (av Offensive Rank 10.67). Houston has faced the #18, #31, #4, #29, #36, #3 and #12 ranked offenses (Avg Offensive Rank 19). Denver is giving up 23.0 p/pg and Houston 18.3 p/pg.

TIFWIW though. Im not a big believer in their statistics or anything but I think they do a better job of comparison than the typical stats do since they adjust their rankings based on strength of opponent.


Sorry, I forgot a number in the Denver numbers (I saw our offensive rank avg, and its way too high). We have also played the #11 offense. I only have 5 but got my average dividing by six earlier. Our average offense we have faced is ranked 12.5, NOT 10.67.

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