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Originally Posted by DAN_BRONCO_FAN View Post
this thread is over 10 months old so let me ask all of you a question

why in the F are yalls still harping on Tebow
is he starting for the Broncos ?
are we playing him next week ?
Tebow is no longer a DENVER BRONCO he is now a 3rd string QB for the NEW YORK JETS
if you want to talk about some EX Bronco go here
say hi to mcgruder while you are there
you obsessed nimrods 42 pages of arguing over a ex Qb who isnt even starting for the jets pathetic.
i dont care if you alls hate me and the mods ban me forever
making 42 pages over 10 months of arguing over Tebow is stupid!!!
go seek mental help all of you
The only reason we keep bumping this thread is to keep it clearly marked on the first page so you won't create a duplicate one.

Oh, wait a sec.
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