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Matt Paradis

Another superb episode (saved it for a long car ride I had on the weekend)... a few comments:

1) All three of you are in a good rhythm this episode... good turn-taking and turn-passing, and nice points and counter-points. You make it sound easy -- which it isn't.

2) Like broncosteven said, Montrose was at his best this episode, he really seemed to be in the zone in his commentary. Impressive stuff.

3) Missed Kaylore, but in some ways, three is almost better than four for this format, because it keeps all members more constantly engaged. Maybe you should take turns taking a week off?

4) Would love to have Rev back on for an episode -- you're all such nice guys, you almost need a WWF-style villain to add some dynamic tension to the show (Patrick was pretty good at throwing in some biting commentary last year).

Again -- Kudos for the quality work, and for God's sake, get this thing on iTunes!
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