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Do the regular refs make mistakes? Sure. Is there a HUGE difference in competence between an NFL ref and a high school ref? If you don't think so, you're not watching the same game. The flow and speed of the game is so much better. The calls are generally right. Think of our MNF game. Was the push off by Decker crap? Yes. But they got the Rivers fumble right. Imagine if we had been Hocculied on that. It was a bang-bang play and they got it.

The reviews are shorter, the calls are more correct, the ball is even spotted faster. Do they miss some? Sure. They're not perfect, but they are much better than the crap we had. One bad call for the Pats isn't enough for me to say they are the same.
No surprise that Ozo does what he does best and starts a whining thread. That is all that guy does is call fan police or whine.
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