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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
yeah....I'd give him the benefit of the doubt with my franchise. It's not like the Redskins just handed the keys to the franchise to Josh McDaniel's.

and I agree shanny wore out his welcome in Denver. It's too bad the broncos have now hired two head coaches that are not even up to par with their former head coach.
Oh ****. Thank God you don't own a team. You are too much of a fan. Which is great as a fan and not for business. So a franchise that has nothing to do with his past employer is supposed to give him as much benefit of the doubt with his current employer after 3 years? Unless you think the Broncos were completely wrong with his departure and really think he still has that SB zing left in him, you start to question the doubt not the benefit. It starts to sound like excuses that we hear from SoCal.

Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
oh, so you're saying you'd rather have Josh Mcdaniels or John Fox instead of Mike Shanahan. got ya

move over've got company
OMG! And here lies the Shanny apologist with this statement. See, you think we should have never canned Shanny. While McDaniels ****ed it up worse, it was time to move on. Your statement that says that we must be crazy to want Fox and not Shanny. Shanny was and is done in Denver. Yes, most have accepted and/or wanted to move on from Shanahan and are fine with Fox. We see someone that will actually care about our defense.

Dude, while Lonestar is an ass with his Tanahan statements, make a poll and see if Broncos' fans want Shanahan now or John Fox and company. I guarantee you that you are in the minority big time. You are just to blind and bias to SHanahan to realize it.

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