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Originally Posted by ~Crash~ View Post
Otto Graham --- 10 consecutive championship games winning 7.

How the hell do you leave that out..
ugh. Graham was the beneficiary of Paul Brown being leaps and bounds ahead of the other AAFC and NFL coaches in terms of college scouting, mostly on the basis of his college coaching days... in addition to Brown being the archetype of what we think coaches should do.

When the AAFC was founded, they needed to compete with the NFL. There was no draft, it was a free-agency signing bonanza, mostly to be able to tear players away from the NFL. The early Browns were stocked with future HoF'ers, including Graham.

imagine today's most innovative coach being able to compile all of the top college recruits, letting them play against mediocre competition (and winning 4 straight championships in the "minor league") before entering the NFL. That's what happened.

i'm not saying Graham isn't good or he doesn't deserve credit; let's just put his accomplishments into perspective.
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