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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
No, he didn't mess it all up in Denver. Try coaching with one hand tied behind your back and fans screaming at your for finishing 16th when you are spending at 22nd. He put together a wonderful collection of talent for his offense and all he had to do was devote the offseason resoruces to getting the defense up to par. He did it before, in 2005, so he could definitely get it done and our moron of an owner blew it up because he didnt like getting called out by a Paige article. And Washington with Orakpo and Carriker would be fine, defensively. Actually, right before Orakpo went down in the Rams game they were doing very well and but for the 4th quarter at NO, they were doing pretty decent defensively.

Jim Zorn left a mess behind and he's cleaned it up. He did place a bit too much faith in his ability to squeeze blood from a stone in Grossman and Beck, although for awhile they played well, but he parlayed it and make a big gamble to get RG3 who could be a HOF talent. He's put together a really nice combo of his own scheme and Baylor stuff to make the offense hard to contain.

Where would Washington be without RG3? Without Ryan Kerrigan? Without good young WRs like Aldrick Robinson and Leonard Hankerson? If Shanny is really that bad, then you should be NOT only in favor of getting rid of him, but also EVERY SINGLE ONE of the guys he brought there. Surely you dont want the Shanny stink there any longer, yes? Say bye to your franchise QB? Ready to adopt that position?

That's what I thought. Be grateful for what you have.
WHat will you say as Snyder spends for a winner and Shanny doesn't perform? If he doesn't change, He will be San Diego Chargers, Fouts lead team for the Redskins. Keep pumping the offense and not having a defense good enough to sustain the lead. He isn't going to be around long if they don't win this year or next. Stop the excuses if he doesn't do anything this season.
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