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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
What is with the personal attacks? Is he your dad?

How am I crying? I said that they are scary good if they had any sort of semi competent defense aka just AVERAGE. You don't win when you have ****ing josh wilson, madieu williams, reed doughty and hall as your secondary. That's just horrible.

Shanahan messed it all up in Denver as well.

At least really follow teams before you go on personal attacks. I am not doubting that you follow the broncos, but you don't know jack **** about the redskins, so please STFU or don't attack others.

The only thing shanahan does well is draft Running Backs, i.e., Alfred Morris. That's it. if you want another thing he does well, he scripts the initial game plan of plays pretty well hence his "offensive" genius moniker, but he cannot adjust to save his life.

He can thank the class 49ers of the montana/young years, Elway and Terrel Davis for all his "prestige."

I have nothing against shanahan the man. I just don't think he is all he has been cracked up to be and unlike you, I have followed him for a while now because I actually follow the Broncos AND Redskins. So please, spare me with the bull **** and personal attacks.
This. Excellent assessment. Don't mind SoCal, he's a major Shanahan fan and still mourning his loss.

Most of us who are glad Shanahan is gone did not hate him. For me it was more disgust for his stubborness in his GM abilities, the inability to recognize his ineptness. His focus was too lopsided to the offense and he threw garbage at the defense. He went through defensive coordinators like a kid with their halloween bag. I loved the 2 SB's, although much can be put on the shoulders of Elway, and the team Shanahan put together for those 2. After that he tried to too hard to show he could survive without Elway, where if he'd just built a team like he did in those years he probably would have been fine. And if Kubiak had stayed. There was an offensive mind who has shown he knows he needs a D. I got tired of being greatful for mediocrity.

He's got a great QB now, hopefully he remembers those great QB's need a team around them, not just offense. His first draft, first pick was offense, second was McNabb, third was a DE with a torn ACL that is no longer on the team, the rest offense. 2nd draft, first two picks were D, neither of which are anything to write home to mom about (no Kerrigan isn't). The 2012 draft, out of the first 7 six were offensive players. He seems to be on the same trend. Since taking over the Redskins the defense has steadily declined to 28th in pts, except for yards last year they were 13th. I'm just glad he's gone and the direction the Broncos are headed.
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