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Originally Posted by Lolad View Post
Playing the short passing game... Remember when the ravens found out they could jam our receivers and play closer to the LOS... Teams followed and effectively neutered Mcdaniels offense. Allowing free releases, poor tackling, not getting set is where we failed
It's particularly that first thing (free releases). Our linebackers have no ability to jam up tightends as they come off of the LOS. Miller is on the strong side and while he's decent in coverage, he's still having trouble getting guys jammed up.

When you play the ultimate rhythm offense you have to be able to disrupt that. Look at the teams that play the Patriots well. The Seahawks, Jets, and Giants are all extremely physical up-front with linebackers who can jam well and cover guys up underneath.

For better or worse, we just can't seem to find someone (particularly) in the middle to play that role.
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