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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
I can't believe the passion in which Shanahan is being defended in Washington. Personally I have found it strange listening to the Washington fan base start sounding just like we did after a while. They got there a little faster, but of course Shanahan started his career in Denver with his best seasons, he earned patience. He has earned no such thing in DC, people don't (and shouldn't) care what he did here. The reality here is that Shanahan has a record of 14-25, and his time has been littered with confusing decisions. No one is calling for him to be fired, but they are starting to rightfully question some of the decision making. How many coaches last through 3 straight losing seasons, I doubt many. He needs to show real improvement, the only improvement so far is RGIII. Which is great, the kid's a baller. Washington's offense ate up yards last season as well, the difference is RGIII is finishing drives. Defense will continue to be the problem in DC for the forseeable future. London Fletcher is 38 years old, and the D runs through him, they also have a very weak secondary.

He has a window here, not quite like the one in Denver, but the league is more balanced now. It won't take long for that window to close though, just like it did here.

Most Skins fans were against his hiring in the first place and haven't changed.....I think he has a 2 year window to make the playoffs and win a round or two or he's toast. I do like running into him from time to time and mentioning I am a big Denver fan....If you're in the Reston/Ashburn area, he frequents Bonefish and the starbucks by the Skins complex....
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