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SoCal's Updated Top 10

1. Alabama- Applied the beatdown at Tennessee. I think they will win at LSU....handily. LSU's offense won't be able to put up more than 10 points.
2. Oregon- America's best far. 43 points by the middle of the second quarter at Arizona State.
3. Kansas State- Again, its very close to being interchangeable between them and Florida and 3/4. Kansas State is the best coached team in the country and they had an extremely impressive road win at WVU.
4. Florida- Terrific defensive club beats the Gamecocks, with ease. I strongly considered them at No. 3. Really I think its a tossup between them and KSU. Both are deserving, but I think both are a cut below the top two teams.
5. Ohio State- It was an interesting call between O$U and ND for 4/5. Neither club was impressive today and both could have easily lost, but I think Ohio State is a little more balanced in terms of having enough power on both sides of the ball, whereas, ND is too defense heavy and has generally struggled offensively the whole year, which was again the case against BYU.
6. Notre Dame- See above. Wasn't impressed with their razor thin win vs. BYU this week, or last week vs. Stanford for that matter. If either game was on the road, they would have lost.
7. Oregon State- Not a dominant effort vs. Utah, but they've played at a pretty high level all year. If it weren't for Bill Snyder's amazing job for the second straight year, I think Mike Riley would be the Coach of the Year.
8. Oklahoma- After a slow start to the season, they are starting to pick it up. I think they will beat ND next week in Norman, albeit not by alot.
9. USC- Barkley with only one incompletion against Colorado. The big tests are to come for USC very soon.
10. Florida State- Played mistake-laden and sluggish at times against Miami, but they pulled away in the 4th due to superior talent. They are the ACC's best club, but coaching questions remain.
Men of Troy slowly rising....don't count them out.
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