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Originally Posted by ozomulsion View Post
The "real" refs are swinging games at a rate comparable to the Replacements. I watch Red Zone when the Broncos aren't on and noticed how the Replacements were swinging games with bad calls/or no calls at the end of one-score games.

This led me to pay much closer attention to the same things after the Real refs came back. It's wonderful how the games run so much smoother and not having college rules applied to games. In the end, it's hard to truly enjoy it when I see flag happy refs swinging games with fictional penalties being the worst problem. If you don't watch Red Zone, you probably haven't noticed the fact that the Real guys are only faster at making bad calls.

Geez, while I was typing this, an official called a phantom PA penalty against the Jets to give NE a first down that allowed them to get into FG range in OT.
It's really hard to read words with that avatar.

Seriously however, have you ever heard the disgraced NBA ref (Donnegy I believe) speak about how he influenced games. It would give a new perspective to this imo.
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