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Redskins have no defense; that's the issue. An average defense or a little above average D and this team is scary good. THAT is how ridiculous RGIII is. I thought it was over hype but the guy is quickly becoming one of the most dominant, if not the most dominant, player in the league. He can just do it all.

The redskins are in for some great years if they don't eff it up and actually acquire decent guys. They don't even need star receivers, just solid guys and they need to start by getting a secondary that isn't a ****ing joke.

All that being said, I was never a fan of Shanahan in Denver and I will never be.

Giants fans are scared, they see the writing on the wall. Despite 4 turnovers, the skins still should have won the game. The Giants certainly won't be looking forward to coming to FedEx Field later this season.

Finally, a postgame quote...

Justin Tuck on RGIII: "I'm really mad at the football gods for putting him in the NFC East. He's going to be a headache."
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