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replace hillman

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Embarrassing myself? Oh no the Saints are passing on the worst passing D out there? This doesn't bode well for our 5th ranked pass rush and our 11th ranked passing D. I already said I expect the Saints to move the ball threw the air, I'm just not dumb enough to think how well they do about the Bucs has anything to do with our team.
Coaches have nothing to do with fans dumbass.
you are the idiot that brought up the bucs...

who cares if the Bucs d sucks or not... i was talking about Brees... the guy is a beast... the broncos have already struggled against Ryan, Schaub, and Brady this year...

all i said was that i'm not looking forward to facing a guy like Brees... didnt say we'd lose, just that Brees is really good...why you choose to debate that is beyond me... so many other debate worthy things to debate on here...

i am not gonna pretend that our defense cant be had against an offense like NO's... if you want to go ahead, but thats idiotic...

but keep at it... i'm sure you'll reply with something else embarrassing, and if so you can have it, i'm upset with myself for allowing myself to debate with your silly posts this much already...
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