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Any nerve damage?

Mine woke me up again tonight. slept about 90 minutes before I woke up with numb arms and muscles twitching (beyond spasming).

You ok now at least?

BTW I have never had trouble going through a metal detector or at Airports.
In my left arm, there is this random spot on my forearm that is literally numb. I didnt lose any strength but i cant feel anything unless its grabbed. Other than that, i dont have any major damage other than over half the area on my back being numb from being cut in to. It wasnt bad the first time but the second surgery pretty much made my back feel "sleep" heh. Oh yeah, I do have some random muscle twitching in my arms sometimes but not much.

Im good though.

90 minutes of sleep? Thats freakin awful. Did you do any physical therapy after healing up?
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