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Funny thing happened after the USC game. I was on the field about to get a quote from Robert Woods. A TV reporter, blonde lady, was about to interview him. Camera guy was all set, Woods was standing next to her, and it appeared that somebody was talking in her ear piece. Probably somebody from production, telling her what questions to ask in the interview.

So then she said "Who's Robert?" Woods gave her the side eye and said, "Ah, I'm Robert."

That lady felt so clowned. Like, who's Robert? The dude wearing No. 2, who scored four touchdowns. The dude who they did a video tribute to. The dude that was just on the ladder holding a sword and leading the band as they played the school song. The dude that all the press has been talking to since the game ended. The dude standing right next to you, wearing No. 2!!!! lol

Like damn, how about doing just a little research before showing up for the game. Or how about actually watching the game.

To top it all off, I'm watching the local news, and she was just on the newscast. She is attractive, so that pretty much explains it right there.
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