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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Tell me more about your proud "tradition" in Brokeback Mt and why the NFL should bow down to you. 2-4 in the SB is the best the NFL has ever seen. The Cowboys, Steelers and Niners have nothing on Brokeback tradition!

But hey let's compare it to the Chiefs...okay. You have 2 SB's, we have 1. That must mean you're better than us right? Oh I guess with Brokeback logic that would mean the Faiders have a better tradition than both of us!
stop deflecting your team sucks and from a business tand point you suck too the other 31 teams are carrying the chiefs with out the other teams the chefs would cease to exist .
also why are you hear not on chief planet did you type in the wrong url i think its i think you should go there and brag how kc never had a theater shooting or school shootings with the rest of the inbreds thats if they are as classless as you maybe your the bottom of the chief fan barrel maybe you got banned from there too for being such a low life. now go away ok this is a bronco forum
not a chief forum dork
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