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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
That makes a big difference though. Fans want to see production. That doesn't mean Broncos fans are better than any other fans (though they do have a great fan base).

I think if you switch a majority of fan bases with the Chiefs and put them through what we've been through, they wouldn't be as loyal as us.

Ah yes the early Broncos. You young whippersnappers need a history lesson

Take it from a guy who lived through it (I'm 57). The Broncos had a hard time at first too, but it started to gel and gain movement in the 70's. I think Elway was the icing on the cake to help the productive franchise.

And that's the difference between Denver and Kansas City. Denver is willing to try for a first round QB. Kansas City wasn't. And that's why Denver has had more success. They take chances. The Chiefs are conservative and infuriating.
yeah back in the 60s they were crap i read the history of the broncos when i was a kid i wanted to know everything about the broncos i been a bronco fan since 86 superbowl saw elway getting ran over by a power team giants felt sorry for the poor guy became a fan of the team rest is history
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