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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Get a new line dude. Good ****ing god
No, no, NOOOOOO! It is working. Can't you figure it out? Chiefs are a dominating team in the mold of the Patriots. They own us. They own SD and they own the Raiders. They own the whole division. They continuously win the division and/or make the wild card and then win playoff game after playoff game! We can't stop them and their team is on fire! Their fans love their team! In fact, I heard they are taking donations to fly banners over their stadium to show their support for their franchise! Dedication! While we have won playoff games and two Super Bowl Championships, they have been the most consistent team when it comes to first round playoffs, who can match it? Soooo, take the over used word and wear it shamefully. We will not be able to duplicate what they have given the NFL for the last 40 years. With leaders like Thigpen, Huard and Croyle taking the reigns in 2008, how can you put that type of pressure on Free Agent QB Cassel and try to duplicate their awesomeness on the gridiron? Don't doubt them! Somehow, Cassel has been able to ride the ship and keep tradition alive!

KC Chiefs: Proving you can have consistency year in and year out!
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