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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Do you really believe the **** your spew out of your piehole? There are currently 4 Threads about KC and one of those 4 has SD and KC together. That is 4 threads out of 50 on the top 2 pages! Your ****ty team is discussed by topic in only 8% of the threads! Not too much discussion for a division foe. You still didn't answer my question about disappearing. BTW, unlike your ****ty team, we do not hope for KC failing before our thought of Denver kicking ass. How much of an ego for you to think we thought KC would do better than Manning and the Broncos? Only you would tell us how KC would be better before the season started. How is that working out for you? How does it fell that Manning didn't want anything to do with your ****ty run franchise? Please pull the thread where we had you scrubs winning the division. YOur only hope is the other 3 teams suck eggs so your so called team can take first place.

BTW, keep the brokeback mountain thing going. It makes all the sense and it isn't all! (even though you complained about Steven overplaying his word usage). Go gettim Tiger. With such ****tiness in sports, I am sure you decorate your walls in the tradition of the Gaylord Focker Hall of Fame. Enjoy not last place but that 4th place ribbon (3rd if you guys suck a little less than the Raiders).
Brokeback Mane Mountain always has a Chiefs thread!
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