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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
The FO was thinking that the secondary was the weak link last year because teams were killing Denver. So they got porter and Adams. They also drafted a DT in the second rounds and he ios playing almost every snap. Actually with the good play of Vickerson and Banan I do not think DT is a liability. Denver picked up two LBers last year, Johnson and Trevathon(sp) I'm sure they will make LBer a priority in the offseason this year. You need to sit back and relax unless you are just trolling the board. Then have at it.
Obviously, you're the troll!

We have needed a true run stopping DT or 2 for a decade...and have not got it done. Wolfe was a great draft pick. I think he may even have star potential...but, his true value is in rushing the passer...and really should be a starting DE for us. If you don't see that, understand that...then maybe sit back and learn something before you flap your suck!

Vickerson has potential and seems to be coming on lately...let's cross our fingers. If you think Bannan should be starting in the NFL, let alone for our my friend...are an idiot!

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