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who wants to toss the string of sell outs this team has or the number of winning seasons or the fact KC WANTED MANNING TOO or the fact at least we dont go well except for that a tard smiling assassin i think using very bad taste avatars go around posting tasteless stuff about columbine and the tragic movie theater shooting now do we now . i know we aint atm as good as new England who is 3-3 right now just like denver or the texans. but manning was looking for a team we had the ability to bring him in and have him work for us. it was a logical move to get him before any other team did.
manning also dont play defense does he ?
The number of winning seasons makes a big difference in the sell out difference with Denver and Kansas City.

I think any fan base in the entire league would break a sell out streak if their team went on a span of 2-23.

I don't know about you, but if I was a Broncos fan and my team only had 2 wins in the last year and a half (with multiple blowouts) and the next game was a below zero freeze bowl against a terrible Brady Quinn led Browns team, I wouldn't exactly feel like going to the game.
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