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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by HorseHead View Post
I disagree with the above that Elway will be "tier 2 qb" when all is said and done. After this next wave..

Actually, I think Elway's stock has risen, and has been cemented irregardless of stats.

In many ways, the QB's you see today have Elway's style DNA written all over their play..(RG 3 , Cam etc.)

In many ways he was the prototype...
I agree. Montana had a team to work with and make him look very good. Not saying he wasn't but one does have to wonder if there would have been that much success without it. Marino had the quick release plus accuracy BUT he also had some great WR tandems. Elway was one of the great athletes at the position and one of the few players I've ever seen carrying teams on his back.

Unitas definitely should be up there. Namath not so much as far as QB play, Bradshaw either, he didn't win 4 SB's, his defenses did.
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