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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Haha Chiefs fans are doing what needs to be done for change. They aren't following the corporate order (which is awesome).

The entire AFC West has been an embarassment for the last decade. Broncos have the best shot now, but I doubt they will go to the SB. Beating an embarassing collapse known as the Chargers doesn't mean the Broncos can hang with the big boys. That was proven against the Pats and Texans.
shall i pull up all the sell outs all the playoff games we had vs oh say the rest of the afc west everyone of you afc west teams have weak fans and the other afc west teams only have sporadic sell outs only when your team gets hot rest of the year you cant sell out . dare i say we had more winning seasons even with average qbs than all of the rest of the afc west. i can spend a lil time bringing up stats
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