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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
Kansas City.

Why? Because they do have the most talented team in the division.They just don't have it where it matters, which is at head coach and quarterback.

The best thing about the Chargers is not just this season -- it has been the collective failures of the past decade. IMO, the Chargers had the most talented team of the 00s, but did nothing with it. A.J. Smith destroyed a coaching staff of very high caliber for Norv Turner; and a team that had the best running back and tight end of the decade, in addition to a very good QB and defense, ended up with nothing.
I completely disagree. That's a line that their fans and the media were selling prior to the season...and apparently some people bought it.

All you have to do is watch them play and it becomes readily apparent that they have maybe 4 guys who are above average NFL players. The ass-kickings they've taken already this year don't do justice to just how bad they are.

They're in year four of a re-build and they have to start basically from scratch again. They are inept from the top of the franchise on down.

Richard Pryor once did a bit in his standup routine about a guy making him unball his fist. The Chiefs unball their collective fist the moment they step off the bus.
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