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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Yes, the refs in the GB game did influence the outcome, because, IMO, it was the wrong call. It's probably the only game I've seen in my lifetime, that a team could say that. The replacement refs made a lot of bad calls or non calls. The real refs make bad calls. And damn they can be frustrating.

But much like the crybaby Raider fans with the tuck rule and SD with the Hochuli game, teams have 60 minutes to play the game and if good enough, get a score that if a ref makes a questionable call, it doesn't affect the end of the game or buck up after the call and do something. The Raiders decided not to advance the ball after that call and went to OT where they had the chance to win that game. SD should have stopped us after that call and they still had time afterward, albeit little, to do something. It's much like the world today, let's find somebody else to blame because heaven forbid we are part of the blame.

Ain't that the truth.
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