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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I disagree. Brady would never have survived the game back in Elways day.
Brady is tough as ****. Maybe he misses a few more games, maybe he doesn't, you can't really say. The rules protect QBs much better these days, but don't forget that said protection was enacted and necessitated by the sheer athletic ability of defenders in today's game.

If you want to argue that Manning and Brady wouldn't have the same stats they do now if they had played in a different era, you won't find me disagreeing. But given that Manning is going to retire as number one or number two all time in every significant passing category and Brady won't be that far behind despite playing in a conservative offense for the first half of his career, well, a little statistical deflation wouldn't kill them. And winning is winning regardless of the era--in that department, Brady's five super bowl appearances are tied with you-know-who for the most all time. Brady has also succeeded in two entire different offensive systems, playing entirely different games. His winning percentage is the best in NFL history for a QB with anything near his games played (granted, Otto Graham has better numbers in this department, his just didn't come entirely in the NFL).

And if today's QBs would find it harder to play in a league that didn't protect them as much, yesterday's QBs would find it difficult to operate with the precision, responsibility, knowledge, and accuracy of Peyton Manning and his acolytes. Manning's command of the game is simply on a different level, he's the most distinctive QB to ever play the game. Watching Manning play the game is simply different from watching anyone else play the game. If I trust what I've read, the analog here is basically Unitas and no one else.
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