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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Unitas, Montana, Brady, Manning.

I wanted to drop Manning for Graham so you could have four QBs for four different generations, but right now I can't see this without both Manning and Brady. Elway and Graham would be five and six in some order.
I disagree. Brady would never have survived the game back in Elways day. Back then dbacks could grab, they got 1 full step after you threw the ball to drive you into the dirt. You could hit defensless players and take them out of the game, which happened a lot. Broncos learned from the Raiders that whoozy players cant play football. Dennis Smith and Atwater took that out on WR for a decade. Meanwhile the Raiders would pummel Elway left and right, out of bounds, after the whistle, after he threw the ball, everytime he ran, and there was no sliding.

Manning and Brady are the best of the new era, but hard to compare or say they are better then Marino, Elway, Fouts, Kelly, those guys took a beating and kept on ticking.

The tackle that jim burt put on Montana to screw his back up would also be illegal now. Now pile driving the QB with your whole body weight.
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