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Reading through the 180+ pages of the gameday thread on the charger board...some of my favorites...

Post 898: 24-0 lead would be pretty sexy

post 1031: This is Chargers football. No late game pressure situations. Keep it a party and make it a blowout.

Post 1034: This IS Charger Football right here!!!!!
Keep the peddle down, Manning is good for 2 more INT's and at least 1 more ST fumble recovery.

After halftime:

post 1105: The zebras are trying to let Denver back into it.

post 1143: Why do we root for a team that is not beloved by the NFL were we can get the calls to go our way. Its horrendous how the refs do us.

post 1145: Champions respond....let's do this.

post 1188: wow. those fumbles are rolling our way. WHEW. thank you ronnie

post 1209: You hear that Denver, get in the fetal position.

post 1300: So I guess Denver can just jump offsides any time they want? I guess ESPN is setting up a "comeback" for Peyton Manning.

post 1534: Will be down by 11 in about 12 minutes. 3 and out or INT coming up. Peyton goes down field again. Another 3 and out or INT. Peyton goes down field again. 35-24 Broncos. Book it.

Post 1708: Tight end wasn't set when the ball was snapped. Multiple occasions of Manning false starts. But hey. It's Manning

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