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Like I said a good safety comes up and makes that tackle. Playing deep guarding the deep throw does you know good when the team needs 6 yards. I was showing you what a stupid stat 0 missed tackles is. That is as bad as guys saying DJ gets 150 tackles a year.
No, a GREAT safety POSSIBLY makes that play, not a "good" safety. You'd literally have to have either Ed Reed or Troy Polamolu running in on that play, and that COULD have had a chance assuming they read it correctly, etc...

You must be joking with thinking that missed tackles is a stupid stat...especially for a safety.

Missed tackles was one of the biggest plagues of the Broncos defense for like the last decade.

While I see what you're saying that tackles might not be the greatest stat, but there is a correct way to use that stat... it does show how often that the defender is around the ball regardless if it's on time or not.

Point in case, check the top 5 leaders in tackles in the NFL, and you have some of the top LB's in the league.

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