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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Bit of bye week news.

We are the only team left that that can sweep the division
That was something I thought we'd do when the season started. As great as that game was Monday the pessismist in me can't help but think about 2009 when we went to SD, sacked Rivers 5 times, had a couple of fumbles and they went 2-3 and we went 6-0. They went on to win the rest of their games for a 13-3 record and we only won 2 more.

BUT, the optimist in me says things are different. We had Orton, we now have Manning. They still have Rivers and Turner, a lame OL, a suspect running game and defense. I think we have a very good chance to sweep the division. I really hope that game woke the team up to play 60 minutes instead of just 30. I'd love to see the fans of all 3 teams cry.
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