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Originally Posted by CBF1 View Post
This shiat just got real. For what it is worth, I think Kupe is our best guard hands down.
I will agree with that 100% What I had said was I didn't think he was among the elite guards in the NFL. I never said he wasn't worthy of being an NFL starter or a team captian. Obviously he plays hard, works hard, stays out of trouble so his teammates liked him enough to give him that honor.

I took issue with the fact if you critique a player, or say something about a player its ok, unless that players dad frequents the board. Then I made a few jokes that its good joe mays dad isn't on the board. Big deal.

I never said anything about Chris Kuper or his dad as people, but he felt the need to respond that way. So I had a good time with it because its my personality to deal with things in a lighthearted manor most times. At least I try to. What I won't do is say your life must suck, go be a Chiefs fan. I have been a loyal Broncos fan since 1977 when i was 7 yrs old. Do I get to into it? Hell yes. Do I get too pissed off when the team plays poorly? yes just like a whole lot of other fans do.

Lets not get carried away with whats said about one player because his dad is on the board. When Kuper maks an all pro team I will retract what I said about him being an avg NFL starting calibar guard. Which is still pretty damn good considering only 64 men get to say I am an NFL starting guard. Only 32 if you break it down to his RG spot. So I guess its how you look at it. IMO he probably is in the top half of that 64 which IMO is saying he is a pretty good football player.
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