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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Grants not a world beater either. He gets waay too much accolades for playing on a powerful defense.
Ellis would be money simply because he has shown that he can preform at a high level. DTs are so freakin hard to come by especially in the draft or FA, so getting one that Del Rio knows is good and can use his way, would be $$$$.
As for MLB, there isnt one worth trading for.
DEN should wait till next year, trade up in the draft, and get Te'o period.
And to get him, DEN will more than likely need to move up into the top 10.
You need to watch more games/you tube film, Grant's problem is who he plays behind. Ellis makes $5 mil a year, thanks but no thanks. I mentioned Te'o when I first joined this forum, and most had no idea who he was, do your not lighting the world on fire with anything your saying bud.
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