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Julius Jones in the Atlanta game. Sure he made the tackle but it was past where he had to make it and the game was ended. What he needed to do was not hesitate so much break on the ball and trust his read. His awareness of the sticks was bad that play because giving up a long completion was the same result as a gain one inch past first down. There is an example of one play where he got credit for the tackle but that tells nothing about the result of the play which was game over.
Let's recap.

1. This thread is about Rahim Moore having 0 missed tackles.

2. I asked for a situation where Rahim Moore MISSED a tackle, "whiffed" a tackle.

3. You gave me a situation where he made the tackle.

4. The situation you gave me was BLOWN COVERAGE by Tony Carter. That play was well discussed on here, and it was quite obvious it wasn't Rahim Moore's fault. He was not responsible for that area of the field, on top of the fact that every WR was supposed to be man-pressed.

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This thread is incontrovertible proof that a solid 25% of the people on the OM are mentally retarded.

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