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Offensive players didn't fear Wilson anywhere near Steve Atwater. Especially when it was Atwater and Dennis Smith patrolling the field. They wouldn't even be able to play nowdays because Dennis Smith was a headhunter.

I think it was Nate Lewis? Charger wr? could have name wrong. It was at mile high and he was on a fly pattern up the left sideline. Smith crowned his helmet, in a full launch, right into the players facemask while he was receiving the ball. From what I remember the player was knocked out, face a mess, they had to remove facemask with screwdriver before taking helmet off because it was all busted into the WR face. Not sure I ever saw Wilson do something even remotely as vicious as what Atwater and Dennis Smith used to dole out.

So know I would say no way Wilson was as feared by players as Atwater. They had to deal with Wilson to move the ball, but Atwater they worried would take you out of the game with one big hit. He would often hit an offensive player really hard in the first half, making that player dissapear in the 2nd half.

Hard to play after getting your bell rung.
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