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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
The sparklers are moving to LA. You know it, and i know it.
The second that 2-NFL team stadium is built, the Spanos will "bolt" for LA faster than little phillip quivers can throw a pick.
I've got it on good account from LA council members that they already have a verbal deal with the Spanos. and the spanos even said they might be open to selling the team at that point to a owner that wants them in LA.
The sparklers are as good as LA that is.
With the Murph falling apart and not able to host SB's anymore, it just seems like a foregone conclusion they're moving up the road. And if the Spanos do sell they are going to BANK.

LA Chargers

I do like the sound of it.

No two ****ing teams there. NO!
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