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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post

He's right in that they are a .500 football club and most of the season is yet to be played out. And the Chargers have come back before. So reminding people of this isn't a bad idea. But the Director of PR for the organization using words like "take a chill pill" is pretty inappropriate.

The other problem is the collapse does feel like it could send the team into a tailspin. You could see in the Charger's eyes they knew they were going to lose. Especially after the third TD. In fact after the fumble return for the TD, they were still up ten, and Rivers face looked like a man knowing he was staring at his doom. I don't know what his problem is, but he's lost confidence in himself. The team has lost confidence in themselves, and probably Norv. And AJ is the shot caller.

Can they turn it around? Yes. Does it feel like they are going to implode like a neutron star instead? Yes. And having the PR director for the team release a statement that reads like a Bill Paxton monologue from Aliens is bush league.
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