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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
The team has been very happy with both Beadles and Walton both of which are being coached up.
They missed the off season under Fox in his first year and since TC last year have a real OL coach with the new conditioning and a year under fox they are/were in Walton's case making huge leaps over where they were.

What this fixation is to move Franklin to guard is beyond me. Beatles has proved himself to be a young stud there.
Both him and Walton can put weight on in muscle. Reinventing the OL is not something we have to do. Some quality backups for competition and replacing Clady for a less expensive model will keep this OL improving for the next decade.

What most kiddies still do not get is. You don't need 4-5 pro bowl players on the OL you need continuity more than anything else. They have to trust the guy next to them more than any other part of the team. They have no time to think about what the guy next to him is going do it has to be action not reaction. An automatic reaction because they have done it thousands of times not a few weeks worth.

The best OLs have very few if any changes in them year after year.

If you do what you want we are starting from scratch AGAIN. With all the learning curve our guys have been through the past few years.
Starting from scratch? 4 of the 5 are already with the team. What little improvement we've seen from Beadles and Walton still doesn't mask the fact they are the weak links in the OL. Only replacing those two.
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