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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Orange_Beard View Post
It was painful. The crowd was so loud after the pick 6 that my kid grabed his ears. As we came off the field at the end of the 1st half, at the was a LOUD chant of "We want Tebow"

I got a text from one of my buds who is a charger fan. (Yes, charger is in lower case), pretty much said Broncos will make a game of it in the second half.
They start gripping right off the bat. First TD dropped the volume by at least half. 2nd TD you could really feel it in the crowd. They all seemed to know what was coming. They had more faith then me. I was at many of the games at Invesco where the Broncos could not slow down the chargers. When Phillip taunted the crowd. About "10,000ish"(wild guess) left when we took the lead.
That's basically the way it was on the two Chargers boards I read. And many were hoping they could maintain the lead after the week before. They knew.

Philip taunted the crowd? I must have missed that. Tell me more
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