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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
What was the reaction like, particularly from the end of the first half? Did Charger fans start freaking after the first TD or did the fumble put the concern in their hearts?
I was surprised that Broncos fans didn't take more **** during the halftime break. It was pretty much like they knew what was coming and with their experience from the screw up of the Saints game, they didn't want to overblow a huge MNF lead. I didn't see any Broncos' fans leave as they knew the Chargers didn't look too great on offense. Once that TD happened it was, "Just get a 3 and out and were are good". Once the fumble happened, you could tell Broncos' fans were the ones feeling like we had the lead. It changed so fast because of the 2 quick scores. Leaving the stadium seemed like it was a tie. Maybe because I was one of the last to leave as I hung out at the tunnel for the Broncos but I didn't see too much screaming on the way to the cars. High fives of randomness? Sure but I have seen some antics after most of these games regardless of winner. Maybe it was a blur to all. I know I was happy camper!
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