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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I agree, it is too early to write off a season, but Monday was a brutal loss. That was the type of loss that eats at a franchise. The belief that, "even up by 24 and dominating we still lose" just gnaws at the minds of players and coaches. The season isn't over, but that loss could very well be a season killer.

Subsrquently, our Broncos now have the belief that they can do anything and no obstacle is too much. A great feeling that can propel a team forward
Absolutely agree that was a brutal game and the memo said that but SD fans should try an remember they are tied for first place with ten games remaining as was pointed out.

Another thing is I doubt that was written by a anyone of an official capacity simply because it was so poorly written. That was not the type of statement an organization would put out, more like a fan's work.
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