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Matt Paradis

Looks like the national media has just picked up on this as well -- here's an excerpt from Shutdown Corner at Yahoo!:

"It's not the job of the media, local or national, to show the Chargers that we believe in them. It's our job to report what happened as objectively as we possibly can, hopefully with enough color to keep readers from falling asleep halfway through the articles.

The fans have the right to say whatever the heck they want about the teams they support with their time, money, and passion, as long as they're not going after players with death threats on Twitter and other moronic things like that. And it's the job of talk radio to talk about the team in ways that will involve listeners so that they become potential callers and willing buyers of the products advertised on the stations.

And as long as we're talking about jobs and responsibilities, it's the (often thankless) job of PR directors to disseminate information to the media and be a liaison to the players, while trying to deflect the angry missives coming from this coach or that general manager when someone in the front office doesn't like what was written or said. That's understood and respected. But this article crosses the line.

Was Johnston's piece forced and endorsed the team, or was he going rogue here? Whatever the case, Johnston is far out of line. It's an enormous failure of the public relations concept when a team sends out a "Love it or leave it!" blast at the best of times -- never mind doing it just a few days after perhaps the worst collapse in team history."
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