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Ryan Clady

Still hoping Blake will become the answer at Center. Kid just needs more work in pass protection, but won't get bull rushed like Walton does. IIRC, the team was all set to take DeCastro until the Steelers selected him one pick before us.

I'm taking that to mean they aren't satisfied with the G position either. In my fantasy world , I see them moving Franklin to LG and selecting D.J. Fluker, kid from Alabama, to play RT. That would give us 4 of 5 starting linemen that are experienced at both the run & pass and weighing 320 lbs or more.

LT- Clady 325 lbs
LG- Franklin 335 lbs
C- Blake 320 lbs
RG- Kuper 305 lbs
RT- Fluker 335 lbs
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