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Originally Posted by LongDongJohnson View Post
I've been interested in the play of Ryan Clady lately. I saw this article on Pro Football Focus (everyone's favorite site to see how a player is doing).

From what i've seen with my own eyes, Clady has being doing pretty good this year after an average year last season.

But according to this guy, ole Ryan Clady is the 2nd best Tackle (in terms of pass protection) so far this season (Orlando Franklin is #15).

Of all the expiring contracts coming this next off season, Ryan Clady should be our #1 priority. He's 26 years old and has been nothing but reliable for us. If we let him go, that means we will have a huge hole at LT next season.

Elway better resign him next summer. I see a huge payday for Clady in the near future. I hope its us that is signing his check.
Tag him and draft a newbie..

hell he lead the league in holding call last year..

Sounds like someone just playing for a contract where has he been the past few years..

OLT is not the biggie spot that it used to be with quick reads and getting the ball out fast , not as big a deal as it was when QB's were dropping into 7 step drops..

Not that I have counted but I'd think that 50%+ of the snaps are shotgun..

I'm hoping that John we give him a fair contract of less than what he was offered last summer.. If he does not like it TAG him..
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