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I guess so...
Nice try at that save. But you failed miserably.

I think you actually thought that Tony Carter played inside corner. That's what took you so long to respond. You realized you had no idea that Tony Carter in fact only plays outside corner.

Your response makes no sense, what does me being lost have to do with me saying I'm not entertaining this thread anymore?

Why would you come at me with a question of me being lost when I said nothing in direction to anyone really, and I was just making a clarification of Tony Carters position? People should try and pay attention next time he's on the field.

And for the record, I was done with entertaining Chris Harris being as safety.

I see, you suggested that Tony Carter should be used to shadow opposing TE's, thus suggesting he should play inside. And you felt offended I said he only plays outside.

Makes sense, you had no idea he only played outside corner so you had to make a save on your remark of me being lost. It's ok, we're all wrong sometimes. Some more than others

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