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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
What a stupid post. Didn't you say Kuper sucked or he wouldn't start on other teams or some such nonsense? Then you're mocking a dad defending his son, especially when your point was idiotic.

Quit being a dick.
No I said the interior oline stinks, except for maybe kuper when he is healthy, which isn't often is seems lately. Or something like that. So what you are saying is because his dad is on the site he is off limits to critique more then some other player on the board? That seems ludicrous to me. I called him out on saying i never say anything positive then making a personal insult about how my life must be, then saying for me to be a Chiefs fan. Which i find amusing because if his kid went to another team he would follow him.

I never said he sucked but in another thread awhile ago I argued he was not a top 15 or 20 guard or something like that. He would start for some teams and not others, but I stand by the opinion I don't think he is a great player. I never said he sucked though.

Like I said before though if Morenos dad shows up is he off limits then also? Its not fair to call me out just because I said something about someones kid who plays football. He should have a thicker skin then that. Not like I gave him some disparging nickname like slowshon or methwolfe lol. Whatever he is a decent gaurd when hes healthy but we need bigtime help on the interior of our oline.

I will go along with he is better then Koppen, Blake, Rameriz, and Beadles.
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